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I am coming back from the darkest most illuminating of pilgrimage towards myself, deep within where the depth of my sacredness revealed the most divine of insights.

I am part of a generation of healers and sex workers who have been called to serve the spiritual revolution of our times. As women we carry a high caliber of sexual and creative energy and thus have great healing powers.

The divine call I received was drenched in the chaos of an ancestral curse I need to break and intertwined with the ill alchemy of a sacred sexual union attracting twin flame mind control.

While mostly unaware of the amount of vampirism I subjected myself to until taking consequent steps towards healing, detoxing and connecting with nature, I understood that most that society had been forbidding me to say, feel, live and share is of a truth so tangible it needs to be empowered and spread.

I was spiritually, electronically and digitally harassed and violated through this process and gained a sharp knowledge of the programming in place to discourage populations to rise together and strong against the patriarchal, anti-erotic society we live in.

I have connected with a majority of the “unseen” and have come out of this sacred journey with developped and sharpened intuitive gifts. I have the firm intention to share my blessings and teach to as many the ways to access their own very unique gifts so to interact, create and instigate real change within our realities.

I am Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Clairvoyant as well as Spiritually and Physically Kinesthetic.

I have been in communication with Spirits, Deities and Entities of all kinds and have felt the “unseen” in some of the most revelatory ways. I can offer to harmonise your relationship to yourself and open you up to the cosmic conversations within you, a world of wonder that is yours and only yours to grow with and into your most powerful self.

The revolution sparkles from the inside, the changes start from within, for you and by you. Are you ready to commit to yourself and take a deep dive into your very own inside cosmic weather?

If so book your first consultation HERE and let me foster a safe, non-discriminatory space for you to express yourself freely and answer all your questions. In one hour I have the conscious mission to assess your needs, identify what should be dived in, provide tangible reassurance and solutions to your situation and give you some precious tools and directions for the start or the continuity of your sacred journey. After meeting you once I will propose an organisation of our work sessions and we will find the most suitable ways to get you in touch with your most powerful self and timeline.

If you have any questions about my practice or about your situation and it's needs, do not hesitate to email me and I will answer and direct you effectively; either towards Coaching, Subtle Energy Healing Sessions, some of my offerings or towards a fellow practitionner whom will best suit you and your situation.